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The traditional paper instruction is terrible - that's almost a fact. It's hard for the brands to develop these instructions, and it's hard for users to understand them. A lot of time and energy goes into these paper instructions, without returning any value for neither you or your customers.

Onbox has been designed to fix this exact issue. We've developed an instruction experience that our users truely love. It provides guidance on a whole new level, that's never seen before in a traditional paper instruction.
Additionally, it also creates new insights for you, about your customers, with the integration of our newly developed data platform.

Onbox is not about instructions. It's about customer satisfaction and insight.


Onbox code on a box

To get started with Onbox, locate the 4-digit code on the surface of the product packaging


Code entering inside Onbox

Enter the code into the starting screen of the Onbox app


Inside the Onbox player

Once downloaded, you'll be met by a simple instruction in a user friendly 3D animated format. Bundled with the 3D instructions are a list of components, warnings, textual information and more...

A Showcase of Onbox

Data-Driven Marketing

Every customer journey includes product installation, and we can learn a lot about every customer, while they enjoy the Onbox instruction. That's why we've developed our own custom data platform, to share our insights about your customers.

While staying GDPR compliant, of course...

Analytix Logo

Analytix is developed to be a plug and play data platform, that can deliver unique and key insights into your end users. These insights vary from customer demographics, to country & retail distribution and sales growth.

Some of the proclaimed features may be in beta, and not fully available yet

Screenshot of the Analytix platform

The data has been artificially generated, only to be used as an example

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Onbox launched in the summer of 2019 with a pilot project in collaboration with Baby Dan. They've been engaged in creating an instruction experience, that could help parents to safely put together and install their safety products for children. With incredible feedback from their customers, Onbox have achived just that, while also creating better user engagement on e-commerce platforms and in traditional retail for Baby Dan products. The Onbox platform is now a major contributer to their current and future marketing & communication efforts.

"Onbox has helped us turn the major pain of developing instructions, into a entirely new way of generating immense value for both our end users and our selves"

Per C. Christensen - CSO at Baby Dan A/S

Grid of Babydan products on Onbox

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